Beware The Cookie

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Richard Darshwood is busy all this week and weekend performing. Ray steps in with a fun story to share with you.

BEWARE – THE COOKIE!(2011) Thursday I had the pleasure of making the trip through bourbon country once again. Driving up from Louisville, I took the scenic route on Highway 31. This took me through Bardstown Kentucky. All along the way, you see the signs of the bourbon industry in full swing.

Driving through Holy Cross and other parts with the window down, savoring the fresh country air. I drove past Loretto and the little country store, arriving at my destination. Spent a half hour or so gathering equipment and loading the truck.On the way out, needing a quick snack, I stopped by a little café right outside one of the distilleries. 


Right away, in the case, catching my attention, were dozens of mouth watering cookies. Big cookies. Chocolate covered. Mint covered. Looked so moist and chewy. Yes! That would fill the need perfectly. So I ordered two of those large delicious looking cookies. They called them “Bourbon Cookies”.They weren’t kidding! I could see how a dozen or so of these babies could keep you smiling.

I re-traced the return drive, again driving through Loretto. I have been through this town many times. I know the route by heart.

This little town has one (count them, one and only one) traffic light. Only once in seven years have I had to actually stop for a red light at this signal.

And then it dawned on me.The cookie patrol.

Somewhere, lurking in the shadows, there might be a lone sheriff’s car, waiting for the right time.

Press the button as a car approaches.

The traffic light turns red.

Will the driver stop? Or run the red light?

Lights start to flash. A siren pierces the air. I am being pulled over.

Did I know the light was red?  What was my rush?  Where was the fire I had to go to?  Had I been drinking?  Walk the straight line. Touch your finger to your nose.

But honestly, officer, all I had was a cookie!

Make your own bourbon cookies!Chocolate Bourbon Cookies

50 Servings


     2 c  flour

      6 tb cocoa powder unsweetened

    1/4 ts cinnamon

    1/4 ts salt

      1 c  butter, softened

      1 c  brown sugar, firm pack

    1/2 c  of your favorite bourbon

      1 c  mini chocolate chips  semi


      2    egg whites

      2 tb water

      3 c  pecans, finely chopped


Combine the flour and cocoa powder, cinnamon and salt in a small bowl. Set aside. Beat together butter and brown sugar in a large bowl until creamy and smooth. Beat in bourbon until well blended.

Gradually add dry ingredients to butter mixture, beating well after each addition. Stir in the chocolate chips. Cover dough with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. When ready to bake cookies, preheat oven to 350~F. Grease 2 large cookie sheets. Beat together egg whites and water and set aside. Using 1 level tbls., shape dough into balls about 1 inch in diameter. Roll each ball first in the egg whites then in the chopped nuts. Arrange the balls 1/2 inch apart on the prepared cookie sheets. If the dough gets to soft, periodically return the dough to the refrigerator. Bake the cookies in the preheated oven for 15-20 minutes or until they are still soft but have a light crackled crust. Cool cookies on the cookie sheets for 2-5 minutes. Carefully remove the cookies to a wire rack to cool completely. May use walnuts instead of pecans.

 And DON’T eat bourbon cookies and drive at the same time!


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