Dinner with Darshwood Fine Print


The fine print, etc etc…

1.Open to anyone over the legal drinking age in the state where Richard will be performing.

2.Your name is added to our Invitation Email List. While you may try to sign up multiple times, your name is recorded only once in the list.

3.Richard is limited to appearance locations. Travel is included to Kentucky, Southern Indiana, Cincinnati, Nashville or Indianapolis. Outside those areas, a travel charge may be incurred, based on travel time and distance.

4.Winner is responsible for all arranging the dinner and venue.

5.This is for a private dinner, with 15 or fewer guests.

6.Richard Darshwood and the winner will set a mutually agreed upon date for Richards appearance. Date can be anywhere from August 27th, 2017 to January 30th, 2018. Appearance can not be set for dates where Richard is already committed to paid performances.

7.Ends Midnight August 13th

Get on the invitation list for your chance to have Darshwood over for dinner!

(Larceny is a trademarked image of Heaven Hill Brands and used with permission)


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