The Tipsy Magician – Review!

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A Night of Bourbon and Magic starring Richard Darshwood was extremely engaging and delightful. “

by Dean Serneels, Magician and Mixologist

As a 20 year veteran of the magical arts to include birthday parties, parlor shows and as a corporate entertainer I feel I am uniquely qualified to speak about a little known yet wonderful night of entertainment here in Louisville. A Night of Bourbon and Magic starring Richard Darshwood was extremely engaging and delightful. 

Mr. Darshwood starts off the show with wonderfully engaging bits of humor and classic magic that showcase his dexterity and expert handling of tricks. Not only is he technical in his execution, he does this without missing a beat of conversation with his audience, asking questions and passing things around. The entire night is a conversation that leads from one amazing moment to the next. 

The three course meal prepared by the Bristol team was delicious, plentiful and perfectly prepared. Between courses we stop the magic to enjoy a detailed and very informative bourbon tasting with Jim Beam Ambassador Beth Burrows. Wonderfully engaging herself, she lead the audience through a tasting of Basel Hayden, Knob Creek Rye and Bakers Bourbon.

Aside from performing for the audience as a whole “Darsh” (as his friends call him) brings his magic touch to each and every table in the room. Performing close up miracles right in front of you.

Darsh’s stage production takes a step forward in the next portion of the show. His audience banter now draws into a delightful Copperfield-esque storyline that brings a personal, almost romantic and heartfelt touch to the magic. 

Any Las Vegas style one man show includes close up, audience interaction, romantic stories and of course, a large scale illusion on the big screen. Darsh does not disappoint. Even in this small intimate setting he makes a huge impact on this Louisville crowd. This effect seamlessly unites on screen magic with the actual events of the evening. As a veteran of magic, I myself am left with a jaw dropping WTH look on my face. As of the morning after I am still scratching my head.

The only thing keeping this show from being just as big as any Vegas entertainer I have seen is the large stage and the larger audience. This I am sure is on its way. 

This dinner theater is the absolutely perfect date night. Dinner includes a welcome cocktail, and a Jim Beam goodie bag for each guest. Congrats to Mr. Richard “Darsh” Darshwood on a spectacular showcase on a little stage. Kentucky Center is your next stop. 
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