Magic Dinner & Bourbon Sept 2018

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For the past five years, there’s been an out of the ordinary dinner show here in Louisville. It is a hidden gem that only a select few are given opportunity to attend.

Richard Darshwood, the internationally traveled magician who has perplexed and amazed many celebrities including Miranda Lambert, Jerry Bruckheimer and many others, has something special for you – a curious blend of spellbinding entertainment, fine food & drink!

Imagine a dining experience where everyone is part of the conversation. Everyone is part of the evening. It’s “A curious blend of spellbinding entertainment, fine food & drink!” Limited to no more than 24-30 guests.

Darshwood will perform miracles right in the hands of the audience. Everyone will have a positive lasting memory. What makes Darshwood’s Magic Dinner & Bourbon so special and different than any other dinner event? There are no “spectators”. He’s not “in front of an audience”. He is one of the very few magicians that make everyone a participant in some way. You make the magic happen.

He has performed at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, personally entertained prominent stars such as Martin Scorses, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Miranda Lambert. He will make you feel like a celebrity as well!

Each and every guest leaves this experience feeling as though they have been catered to and entertained on a very personal, intimate level.

Come explore your curiosities and satisfy your cravings at Magic, Dinner and Bourbon!

Bourbon Cocktail from Four Roses
3 Course Dinner
4 Course Entertainment
Bourbon Tasting
Gift Bag from Four Roses
Taxes and Gratuity – included!

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