Tour Magic Dinner Bourbon-Menus and History

Magic Dinner Bourbon – History and Menus

Ray Lawrence has been producing shows for the public and providing entertainment for private events since 2010. In 2013, he was on a mission to find a venue for one of Louisville’s most popular magical entertainers, world traveled and award winning Richard Darshwood. It was by chance that Ray came upon the Down One Bourbon Bar, which had the ideal space for an intimate dinner show.


Louisville has become the Bourbon Capitol of the world. Every week, you’ll find dinners with pairings, dinners with tastings. As we have heard time and time again, it’s the same thing, different day, different bourbon. We wanted something different. Something that would appeal to the ‘bourbon curious” who wanted an evening of fine dining and to be entertained.


The very first Magic Dinner Bourbon’s bourbon component was simply no more than the fact it was held at a bourbon bar. As the show was refined, Four Roses Bourbon joined in to add a very special and unique part to the evening. Many of Kentucky’s finest distilleries now take part in Magic Dinner Bourbon.

Guests now experience a complete, well rounded night where something is always happening to keep their attention. Magic Dinner Bourbon showcases Kentucky Bourbon, local cuisine and entertainment. 

Magic Dinner Bourbon on the Urban Bourbon Trail August 2015


A typical dinner menu will include a salad, a double entree (set menu for everyone), and dessert. We present the dinner in courses, as the magic happens in between courses, and after dessert. Our entertainment planners will spend time with you in helping you make your menu selections.

Finally, learn how YOU can sit back and have this amazing evening completely planned FOR you! (and watch a video of Richard’s famous Bourbon Magic)

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