Who IS the #WhiskeyWizard?

Who is the #WhiskeyWizard? Richard Darshwood is the internationally traveled magician who has entertained many celebrities including Martin Scorses, Miranda Lambert and Jerry Bruckheimer. 

And now, Richard has created a very special evening just for you that includes a curious blend of spellbinding entertainment, fine food & drink!

Come be a part of this exclusive evening of Magic, Dinner and Bourbon! 


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One of Louisville’s best kept secrets; America’s only speakeasy magic dinner show – MAGIC DINNER & BOURBON! And this means we are officially inviting you to join us for an unforgettable night of spellbinding entertainment, fine food and premium spirits.

Be our bedazzled guests. Come get bewitched and indulged because we’ve got it all:

A sensational dinner.
Cocktail and gifts from a featured Distillery.
A mind-blowing, interactive show.
One single price including all taxes and gratuity.
And a ton of hidden surprises!

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